Market Orders

Take advantage of targeting exchange rates by placing market orders that specify the rate that you want to exchange at.

What Are Market Orders?

Foreign exchange market orders are instructions given to execute a buy or sell of a currency pair at a specified exchange rate or better. These orders help take advantage of favourable market conditions or protect against potential losses due to adverse movements.

Market orders are commonly known as a quick and reliable transaction method. When we guide you through this type of transaction, we’ll discuss factors such as time, volume, and volatility with you, to ensure you’re getting the best possible price to trade at.

Why Should I Use Market Orders?

The foreign exchange market is stormy and unpredictable. However, with your account manager, you can monitor the market and come up with a clear-cut currency strategy that allows you to get the most out of your foreign exchange transactions, without having to constantly check the rates.

With a market order, you can easily set an exchange rate you want for your currency and once your target is met, the transaction is initiated automatically. This gives you the opportunity to get the highest value for your currency regardless of how volatile the market is.

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