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Transforming Payment Efficiency and Reducing Costs for Arcade Machine Wholesaler 

Our client, a leading wholesaler of arcade machines, found itself grappling with a financial challenge stemming from their previous banking platform. The existing system was not only cumbersome and inefficient but also incurred high costs for the company. This prompted our client to seek a more effective and economical financial solution for their foreign exchange transactions. 

Fiscal FX’s Recommendations 

To address the financial hurdles faced by the client, we stepped in with a comprehensive approach, seamlessly migrating the arcade machine wholesaler onto Fiscal FX’s platform. Our user-friendly interface consolidated payment processing and financial transactions into a centralised hub, offering convenience and efficiency. 

Recognising the financial strain imposed by their previous bank, we provided the client with more competitive and cost-efficient exchange rates, alleviating the financial burden on the wholesaler. 

The introduction of forward contracts, a financial tool not previously available, allowed the company to secure exchange rates for future transactions, offering a level of stability and risk management. 

Fiscal FX assigned a dedicated account manager to the client, ensuring a single point of contact for a personalised and responsive service, addressing queries, providing assistance, and offering strategic guidance. 


The implementation of Fiscal FX’s recommendations brought about a significant transformation for our arcade wholesale client: 

Better Rates: The adoption of more favourable exchange rates through Fiscal FX contributed to cost savings and increased profitability. 

Streamlined Processes: The new financial platform simplified operations, reducing complexity and enhancing overall efficiency. 

Enhanced Customer Experience: The dedicated account manager from Fiscal FX ensured prompt and personalised customer service, elevating the overall experience and satisfaction with the clients’ financial operations. 

Having addressed all the pain points faced by the client, through platform migration, cost-efficient rates, forward contracts, and dedicated account management, we exceeded the expectations of our client and enabled them to have a more streamlined and cost-effective environment. 

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