Hedging solutions

One of our specialists will work with you to develop a simple, tailored foreign currency hedging solution that’s built around your needs.

Helping you to stay ahead of market risks, of change and volatility.

With an expert to support you at every step, working closely with existing fund managers, custodians, management companies, prime brokers and administrators to avoid disruption.


We offer passive and active FX hedging solutions for portfolio and share class hedging, focussing on reducing currency risk and fluctuations in exchange rates between the base and hedged currency.

As a regulated client money custodian, authorised payment institute and global FX provider, our model is transparent. With prices fixed at the start of our relationship, there are no hidden fees, our solutions are flexible, competitive and bespoke to you.

You will be provided with a custom-built hedging portal that will provide live data for all trades. A live P&L view is provided for all open trades as well as live margin positions. The portal assists our clients with a number of regulatory requirements including timely confirmations, portfolio reconciliations, mark-to-market valuations and collateral margin requirements.


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