Mass payments can make the process of paying overseas workers so much easier. More and more companies have been feeling the benefits of using mass payment solutions over recent years. As the name would suggest, mass payments allow you to pay a whole host of people from a range of countries at the same time.


Remove the strain from global payments


Paying overseas workers, companies and other beneficiaries used to be so much tougher. In the past, companies needed to look up codes every time they wanted to pay someone based abroad. Innovations of payments technology have made it so much easier to send money across borders. Today’s solutions allow you to spend much less time paying people and more time focussing on what you do best. You don’t need to fret about global banking policies or regulations to get workers and suppliers paid.


A simpler way to pay


Once your mass payment system is set up, you just need to get a few basic details from your payees. They will be able to receive money in their preferred currency, and your accounting department will be able to meet your tax obligations with ease. Mass payments can help you avoid many of the pitfalls that come with growing a remote team and help you avoid disputes thanks to the way it ensures your workers are paid on time. A mass payments system can help you keep your workers and accounts department happy whilst giving you all the financial clarity and transparency that you need.

All the support you need


Mass payments solutions don’t take a long time to set up, and the switchover process is simple. Expert customer service staff are always on hand to help if you ever do have any queries about your new mass payments solution. Our solution can help whether you need to make one-off or regular international payments. Simply upload your bulk payments to an easily manageable file and use our Check and Fix facility to resolve payment failure issues before they happen.


Avoid costly, time-consuming errors


Mass payments solutions also help you avoid the errors that can come with manually entering payments into spreadsheets. They can also help you dramatically cut the cost of sending funds in various currencies. Switching to our system doesn’t have to mean letting payments staff go – our solution can simply free them up to focus on other business-critical duties.


Let us assist you today


You can also use the system to access FX payments in real-time, cut the cost of sending money overseas and claw back more working hours. Talk to us today if you want to reduce FX international payments fees, make FX international payments easier and work with an FCA regulated money transfers partner. If you have been experiencing problems with an FX provider or have very little experience in this area, we are here to help. We can provide a bespoke service that’s perfectly aligned with your goals and needs, so why not contact us as soon as possible?