More and more businesses are experiencing the benefits of using multi-currency accounts. If you sell products and services to customers from many different territories, it’s a great idea to get started with a multi-currency account if you’re not doing so already. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of multi-currency accounts for businesses right now.


Support a global customer network


A multi-currency account is likely to benefit you and your business if you sell goods and services via a range of different eCommerce platforms. If you are selling these in various locations, chances are you’ll receive payments in many different currencies. With a multi-currency account, you can save a great deal of time and money whilst making money management a breeze. The time that you save can be used for focussing on what you do best. We serve a range of companies using platforms like Amazon, eBay and many more and are passionate about making our clients more efficient whilst giving them the peace of mind they require.


Collect international payments with ease


Once your multi-currency account is up and running, collecting international payments doesn’t need to be such a headache. Today, you don’t need to focus on one territory when generating revenue from your products and services. By focussing on a range of global markets, you can vastly increase your revenue and create customer loyalty not only in the UK but around the world. If customers do visit your site, chances are they arrived there because they want to purchase the kind of products and services that you’re offering. By providing them with a shopper-friendly experience, you can maximise the chances of them going ahead with a purchase.


Simplify the purchasing process


International customers are much more likely to buy from you if they can make purchases in their own currency. This means they don’t have to spend time working out how much their purchase is really costing them. They can also use their own payment method, removing even more stress and confusion from the process. Research suggests around a quarter of Europeans purchase physical goods sold outside of their countries, with even more looking overseas for services such as software.


Help your customers avoid charges


Another key reason for embracing the world of multicurrency accounts is that your customers will be able to avoid additional fees for currency conversion. This also increases the likelihood of transactions being completed. With a multicurrency account, you can be totally transparent about your fees so your customers are not met with irritating extra charges. When these charges are not imposed on them, it’s more likely that they will return for more products and services. Multi-currency accounts also allow your customers to make bank transfers rather than using their credit or debit card, making shopping even simpler.


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